Délices sublimes

Délices sublimes

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Apple sauce brownies Frozen product Apple sauce browniesApple sauce brownies

Brownies: semi-sweet chocolate, npn-sweetened apple sauce, gluten free flour, cocoa, sea salt.
Délices sublimes
8,00 $ 6 Qty : 7
Apple sauce brownies

Blueberry pie-nut crust 2 portions (glut Frozen product Blueberry pie-nut crust 2 portions (glutBlueberry pie-nut crust 2 portions (glut

Delicious blueberry pie sweetened with maple syrup on a delightful nut & date crust. 2 portions Vegan & Gluten free (non certified)
Délices sublimes
8,00 $ 1 Qty : 2
Blueberry pie-nut crust 2 portions (glut

Chocolate cupcakes Frozen product Chocolate cupcakesChocolate cupcakes

Ingredients: beets, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, semi-sweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), whole organic wheat flour, cacao, eggs, organic cane sugar, grape seed oil, organic flax seeds, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt.ONLY 190 calories per cupcake ONLY 6g. of fat
Délices sublimes
15,00 $ 4 Qty : 2
Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate peanut butter cookies Frozen product Chocolate peanut butter cookiesChocolate peanut butter cookies

Now VEAGN: Natural peanut butter, sweet potatoes, whole organic wheat flour, organic cane sugar, organic flax seeds, natural vanilla, chocolate chips (non sweetened chocolate, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), baking powder, sea salt. Only 150 calories for a 35g cookie, 5g sugar, 2g of fiber and 5g of protein.
Délices sublimes
8,00 $ 6 Qty : 6
Chocolate peanut butter cookies

Coconut-craneberry cookies Frozen product Coconut-craneberry cookiesCoconut-craneberry cookies

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE. Sweet potatoes, unsweetened coconut, gluten free flour, craneberries, organic cane sugar, organic flax seeds, grapeseed oil, natural vanilla,baking soda, sea salt,
Délices sublimes
8,00 $ 6 Qty : 4
Coconut-craneberry cookies

Figues-chocolate squares Frozen product Figues-chocolate squaresFigues-chocolate squares

Delicious and nutritious desserts with no added sugar! Organic figs, organic bananas, white beans, eggs, dark chocolate chips. Gluten free (non certified) Free recipe with purchase of box of 4
Délices sublimes
12,00 $ 4 Qty : 3
Figues-chocolate squares

Ice cream sandwichs Frozen product Ice cream sandwichsIce cream sandwichs

Banana based ice cream with raspberries with two delicious and nutritious Délices Sublimes peanut butter cookies. A nice refreshing dessert for the hot summer days. Appropriate for diabetics.
Délices sublimes
13,00 $ 4 Qty : 3
Ice cream sandwichs

Keto almond-coco cookies Frozen product Keto almond-coco cookies Keto almond-coco cookies

Ingredients: almonds, organic coconut oil, non sweetened coconut, eggs, maple syrup, semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla, sea salt.
Délices sublimes
10,00 $ 6 Qty : 4
Keto almond-coco cookies

Keto cheesecake 75g Frozen product Keto cheesecake 75gKeto cheesecake 75g

Ingredients: Cashews, coconut cream and organic coconut oil, erythritol, maple sirup, lemon juice, sea salt. 360 calories, 32g fat, 17g carbs, 2g fiber, 5g sugar, 8g protein.
Délices sublimes New
8,00 $ 1 Qty : 5
Keto cheesecake 75g

Keto chocolate mousse 75g Frozen product Keto chocolate mousse 75gKeto chocolate mousse 75g

Ingredients: Coconut cream, cocoa, erythritol, maple syrup, vanilla.190 calories, 18g fat, 3g protein, 12g carbs, 3g fiber, 2g sugar.
Délices sublimes New
7,00 $ 1 Qty : 6
Keto chocolate mousse 75g

Keto ice cream sandwiches Frozen product Keto ice cream sandwiches

Delicious KETO Ice cream Sandwich made with the dilectable Coconut-almond chocolate KETO cookies with a Coconut cream based chocolate Ice cream in between. Ingredients: almond flour, non sweetened coconut, coconut cream, organic coconut oil, eggs, dark chocolate, erythritol, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt.
Délices sublimes New
17,00 $ 4 Qty : 6

Keto mexican brownies Frozen product Keto mexican browniesKeto mexican brownies

KETO Mexican Brownies: almonds, cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate, organic flax seeds, erythritol, cayenne pepper, sea salt.
Délices sublimes
8,00 $ 6 Qty : 6
Keto mexican brownies

Mini chocolate cupcakes (9x) Frozen product Mini chocolate cupcakes (9x)Mini chocolate cupcakes (9x)

9 mini chocolate cupcakes. Same recipe as regular size chocolate cupcake.
Délices sublimes
12,00 $ 9 Qty : 2
Mini chocolate cupcakes (9x)

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