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12 mixed eggs 12 mixed eggs 12 mixed eggs

Happy, Free-range hens
Le Pontiçois
6,75 $ (Fr: Douzaine) Qty : 11
12 mixed eggs

Duck eggs Duck eggsDuck eggs

Our ducks free range and on a large pasture. Duck eggs have a larger yolk than chicken eggs and are great for backing.
Ferme Ostribee
10,00 $ Dozen Qty : 7
Duck eggs

Eggs EggsEggs

Our layers are free-range and pasture-fed 9 months a year. During winter time, they are kept in a "cabin" large enough for them to fool around in a warmer environment than the outdoor !
Ferme HLF
6,95 $ dz Qty : 4

Eggs soy and corn free Eggs soy and corn freeEggs soy and corn free

Organic eggs. From free run and pasture raised hens. Fed also with organic grains, noy soy, no corn. Varied sizes and colours. Certified organic by Québec Vrai.
Ferme C Tremblay et filles Organic
8,25 $ dozen Qty : 21
Eggs soy and corn free

Free-range eggs Free-range eggsFree-range eggs

Free range brown eggs of medium to large size. Our hens are free-range, fed with all vegetal grain (no antibiotics or growth factors) and go to the pasture when the weather permits. Our coop is arranged according to organic norms (perches, nesting boxes, very low stocking density, natural light, etc.) in order to offer an optimal well-being to the birds and to have healthy and fresh eggs of the week.
Ferme aux saveurs des Monts
6,99 $ Dozen Qty : 23
Free-range eggs

Marinated eggs from the farm Marinated eggs from the farmMarinated eggs from the farm

Eggs marinated from the farm. Our hens are fed organic grain and spend happy time outside. They bring you this new product exclusively from our Pure Conscience farm. Warning: These marinated eggs are addictive! Contain approx. 7 eggs.
Pure Conscience
7,99 $ 500 ml Qty : 8
Marinated eggs from the farm

Organic eggs Organic eggsOrganic eggs

Love is in the Egg -Nothing less! What could be better than a Pontiac rainbow to brighten up your lunch or your favorite recipes! Everything will be fine ... and much more with color and flavors straight from the farm! Enjoy it in the morning ... or anytime, day or night! Product in organic certification process ... ask our hens, they will tell you! Savor with passion !!
Pure Conscience Organic
8,75 $ Dozen Qty : 21
Organic eggs

Ostrich egg shells Ostrich egg shellsOstrich egg shells

Ostrich Egg Shells are great for art and crafts. The shells are cleaned and sanitized.
Ferme Ostribee
20,00 $ each Qty : 5
Ostrich egg shells

Ostrich eggs Ostrich eggsOstrich eggs

Ostrich Eggs are the size of 24 chicken eggs. Ostriches always free range in very large pastures.
Ferme Ostribee
25,00 $ each Qty : 2
Ostrich eggs

Quail eggs Quail eggs

15 pk
Le Pontiçois
3,50 $ (Fr: Quinzaine ) Qty : 10

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