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(camerises congelées) Frozen product (camerises congelées)(camerises congelées)

Frozen Haskap 454 gr
La maison des délices
8,00 $ (Fr: 454g) Qty : 122
(camerises congelées)

Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Frozen product Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Frozen in vacuum seal bags, highbush blueberries. Picked and frozen on the same day varieties; Patriot, Duke, Northland, Blueray. There is no chemical used in the production, only love and manual care. The blueberry plants were planted in a wild field near the forest.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Dried cranberries Dried cranberries

Dried cranberries: cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil.
La vallée des canneberges

Dry apple Dry apple Dry apple

dry apple ,120,60 and 30 grms, theses are our apples of the season, grown without the use of pesticides, dried without any ingredient added .
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
Dry apple

Frozen blueberry Frozen product Frozen blueberryFrozen blueberry

Frozen blueberry 680 gr
La maison des délices
8,00 $ 680 gr Qty : 10
Frozen blueberry

Frozen ground cherry Frozen product Frozen ground cherryFrozen ground cherry

Frozen ground cherry 454 gr
La maison des délices
8,00 $ 454gr Qty : 28
Frozen ground cherry

Frozen strawberries Frozen product Frozen strawberries

Everbearing strawberries grown on our farm in Gatineau. They're sweet and delicious.
Ferme aux saveurs des Monts
8,99 $ 450gr Qty : Inf

Haskap beverage Haskap beverageHaskap beverage

Haskap beverage
La maison des délices
8,50 $ (Fr: 250 ml) Qty : 81
Haskap beverage

Honeycrisp HoneycrispHoneycrisp

Honeycrisp is a popular and high quality variety. It is crunchy, juicy, sweet, aromatic and slightly acidic. It has a very long shelf life in the fridge (6 months in the fridge in a plastic bag). It is more expensive than other varieties for these reasons, because of its vagaries of culture, its rarity, and because it produces only one year out of two.
Verger Croque-pomme
13,00 $ bag of 4 pounds Qty : 194

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