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Volunteer for the Marché de l'Outaouais!


Volunteers are the engine of the MSRO - without them none of this would be possible. The MSRO is fortunate to have over 100 volunteers who donate their time, regularly or occasionally. Their precious commitement shows at several levels.


First, there are volunteers working on pick-up days. They receive the goods from producers in the morning and distribute them to consumers later in the day. A volunteer who puts in 3 hours or more on a pick-up day receives a 10% discount on his/her order.


There are also volunteers who work behind the scenes on various committees to ensure the proper functioning of the MSRO:

Communications Committee. (Josiane Brazeau-Drouin, Claudine Lalonde, Anne Mareschal, Johanne Ranger, Marie-Eve Desaulniers, Julie Beauregard, Hélène Auclair)

Social Life Committee. ( Diane Bougault, Sabrina Fournier, Juliane Laliberté, Catherine Leclerc, Valérie Poulin)


Producer Evaluation Committee. (Philippe Thompson, Brian Maloney, Roselyne Clément)

Computer Support. (Olivier Rousseau, Valérie Poulin, Charles Varin)

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