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New products this week! New products this week!

Summer flower bulbs have arrived at Les Jardins d'Emmarocalles.

The Fermette du Huitième Ciel is offering brochettes de sanglier mariné « GALAXIS » ( "Galaxis" marinated wild boar skewers)

Free samples next Thursday and already available through the market:  MERGUEZ (spicy) and TOULOUSE sausages from La Chèvre d'oeuvre. Also to discover: RAS EL HANOUT, a new recipe composed of goat, pork, Moroccan mixed spices, dried apples and calvados. 

A local marriage! The Ferme Aux Saveurs des Monts has joined hands with Verger Croque Pomme to produce: Liver pâté with Croque & Tombe cider. To serve on a baguette. Scrumptious and creamy, without perservatives. Simply gourmet!

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