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Ferme Cedar Creek

Ferme Cedar Creek

All fish labelled fresh are caught and processed the day before delivery.

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Fillets of trout frozen Frozen product Fillets of trout frozenFillets of trout frozen

1-2 trout fillets. Rainbow or Speckled trout.
Ferme Cedar Creek
Fillets of trout frozen

Smoked trout pate- frozen Frozen product Smoked trout pate- frozenSmoked trout pate- frozen

Smoked trout in cream cheese with herbs.
Ferme Cedar Creek
6,95 $ 160 g Qty : 9
Smoked trout pate- frozen

Trout fillets - fresh Trout fillets - freshTrout fillets - fresh

1-2 fillets of trout. Rainbow and/or Speckled trout.
Ferme Cedar Creek
7,95 $ 240 g Qty : 6
Trout fillets - fresh